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Howard Woodward is a private investor living on a lake in Northern Indiana.  He is a former engineer and information systems manager.  He has degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and a masters degree in business administration.  He designed electronic switching system equipment for Bell Laboratories. He was an operations manager for Pacific Telephone.  Howard was a design engineer for Hughes Aircraft Co developing electronic hardware for aircraft radar systems and for guided missiles. He was a project manager and an engineering manager. He managed information systems for seven years for Hughes.

Since leaving Hughes, Howard has made his living as a private investor, initially in real estate, then in stocks.  He specializes in technology stocks where he feels that he has an edge.

Howard is currently president of Lakeland Medical Supply Inc., a durable medical equipment provider specializing in medical footwear including diabetic shoes/inserts, and custom foot orthotics.

Howard is unmarried. He has one son, Dr. Scot Woodward, a mathematician and silicon valley software engineer.

Howard is active in the following organizations:

  1. Kiwanis, a service organization benefiting youth;
  2. Kosciusko County Democratic Party for which he is the treasurer and web master;
  3. Chapman Lakes Foundation for which he is a director and treasurer;
  4. Chapman Lakes Conservation Association for which he is director;
  5. GOTMM Investment Club;
  6. Lakeland Medical Supply Inc. for which he is the president.
  7. Kosciusko County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals of which he is a member.

For those viewers with an interest in investing, especially international investing, check out Howard's research paper on global investing.  Howard surveyed the investment climate in 36 countries.

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