Join us at our business meetings. The meetings are open to all who have an interest in seeing and participating in the Party process.

Attend our special events. These, along with contributions, are our primary fund raising vehicle. We have a good time and the funds raised through the ticket sales go to rent and utilities for our headquarters, postage, telephone, and the annual fair booth.

Become a precinct committee person. We have a number of openings available for precinct chairperson or vice-chairpersons. Contact one of the party officers if you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions.

Support our candidates: The success of candidates running for office depends on help by volunteers.

Become a candidate: This is the most direct way to influence the direction and quality of government. A number of positions are available for candidates for the November election. Contact one of the party officers if you are interested in running.

Help out on Election Day. You can volunteer to help make our election process work by working in the polling places election day by contacting your precinct committee person or one of the Party officers.