Howard E. Woodward Jr.



Technically oriented job near my home in Warsaw, Indiana.  I would like to work in a team environment on projects making a positive contribution to society.


         Founder and President of Lakeland Medical Supply Inc., a small fabricator and provider of orthopedic footwear.


12 Years           Hughes Aircraft Co.      Canoga Park, CA
Co-managed a 110-person information systems and telecommunications organization.
Managed the development and operation of a comprehensive set of engineering, manufacturing, and procurement information systems.
Weapon systems integration manager and assistant program manager for the development of the GBU-15 and GBU-20 smart bombs.
Designed the electronic packaging for the F18 aircraft Radar Signal Processor Unit and worked with manufacturing to transition the design to production.


9 Years             Bell Laboratories.        Naperville, IL

Worked on the development of integrated circuit technology and electronic memory technology (RAM) for the first integrated circuit based electronic telephone switching system.
Designed the electronic packaging for various units of electronic telephone switching systems equipment.
Included a two-year assignment as an Operations Manager in Pacific Telephone Co. managing an organization of 70 people responsible for maintaining long distance circuits into and out of central Los Angeles.



MBA                  Indiana University                                 GPA 4.00
M.S. Electrical Engineering     Northwestern University    GPA 3.75
B.S.  Mechanical Engineering      Purdue University          GPA 3.02

Community Activities

        Director and Treasurer Chapman Lakes Foundation
Director Chapman Lakes Conservation Association
Treasurer Kosciusko County Democrat Central Committee
         Member Kosciusko County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals
         Member Kiwanis Service Club
Former Founding Director and Treasurer Helping Hearts Parish Nurse Assn.
         Former Founding Director Center for the Arts and Culture

Other Interests

         Investments, Computers, Home